Industry Experts On Your Side

PEC is a collaboration of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the engineering with a focus on inspections of residential and commercial properties as well as public infrastructure. Our advisory board includes experts with over 75 years of combined experience in insurance policy, law, finance, claims analysis and management.

Our Story

Principled Engineering Consultants, LLC (PEC) is a member-company of 777 Partners Group of companies. PEC is the culmination of 50 years of experience in the engineering practice merging its talents and expertise with experts in the property and casualty industry and a financial group with over $2 Billion in assets and 680 employees. PEC is the newest member company of the 777 Partners Group expanding the suite of services within the property insurance claim sector.

In all spheres of our services, PEC and 777 Partner companies work to provide legal case or portfolio funding, structured settlement funding, consumer and lease funding, insurance actuarial and underwriting services, claims management and risk management services, catastrophe claims services and individual case complex claims management. 777 Partner companies also provide claims management software for property, casualty and workers compensation claims and custom software solutions such as attorney firm case management, accounting and lead conversion software.

777 Partners

Structured as a holding company, 777 Partners invests proprietary capital at all stages of the growth cycle in businesses operating in underserved and inefficient markets. Our approach is defined by an unyielding commitment to enduring partnerships with the entrepreneurs, business owners, and management teams with whom we partner. We provide non-revenue generating resources and back-office support to elevate operations, freeing up valuable time for operators and executives to focus on commercial success.

777 Partners also incubates new ventures and makes control investments in businesses with scalable profiles and ambitious management teams operating in attractive markets. Our ingenuity lies in our ability to innovatively deploy capital in management-centric structures, and our returns result from the investments we make in people, not products.

Meet the Leadership Team

Leveraging its knowledge of engineering investigations with how claims are managed and evaluated at both the plaintiff and defense level, PEC has developed a successful and proven forensic engineering approachthat provides definitive answers to questions surrounding the specifics of each claim.

Andre Melo

Mr. Melo is an accomplished Professional Engineer focused on forensic inspections, program/project management, innovation, performance metrics and execution.  Diverse experience within forensic inspections, expert witness testimony, engineering management, standardization, and entrepreneurship provide a unique & well-rounded approach to project delivery to maximize client service.


Mr. Melo has performed forensic assessments related to Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, Wilma, Ike, Harvey and Irma across several states over the past 13 years.  Mr. Melo is an established expert in forensic investigations, specializing in cause origin analyses and roof damage assessments of commercial and residential properties.  Detailed inspection, documentation and testing protocols along strong technical writing skills have led to conclusions and opinions that were overwhelmingly the basis of decisions on claims.  Strong communication skills during depositions or while on the stand have led to favorable settlements ranging from small residential to multi-million-dollar commercial claims.