Why Principled Engineering Consultants?

PEC engineers provide key supporting subject matter expertise in property damage related lawsuits, dispute resolution and arbitration. Our detailed inspection and documentation procedures, testing protocols and resulting deliverables have overwhelmingly led to favorable settlements from small residential to multi-million-dollar commercial claims.

Benefits of contracting an expert forensic engineer

With over 20 years of experience in performing a wide range of structural damage assessments, PEC is uniquely qualified to provide damage evaluations using sound engineering principles that lead to strong evidence-based engineering reports that are highly defensible in court. We pride ourselves on making the “right call” based on site specific data collected.


Forensic engineers are experts at establishing causation – an important factor in deciding whether a claim should proceed and whether the damages result from a covered peril on the specific date of loss or are attributable to construction defects and/or maintenance-related issues. Causation reports signed and sealed by Professional Engineers provide the strongest basis of a claim. Integrity, experience, and an understanding of the effects of wind, moisture and flooding on building materials and structures, makes us uniquely qualified to provide the most credible opinion.


Whether you’re insured or not for damages, a determining factor in reporting of damages or the decision to proceed with repairs is to ascertain the extent of damages and develop a comprehensive scope of the loss. Expert forensic engineers are skilled in establishing the scope of repair upon which confirmed contracts are based for repair.


A crack in a ceiling may indicate movement of rafters. Water stains often indicate insulation damage, making remediation necessary. We examine attics, foundations, and more for potential related damages. Determining the duration of damages is also an integral part of establishing the merits of claims and they indicate when the damage occurred relative to the reported date of loss.

Often, after a major catastrophe, building code guidelines are updated. Our restorations follow guidelines established by the EPA, CDC, IICRC, and FEMA; as well as local and state specific restoration requirements.

We never cut corners to mitigate costs. PEC follows all regulations that govern repair like OSHA tie-downs, double-cleated ladders, or even fall arrest systems for roofing inspections. Engineering codes of ethics establish that public safety is primary responsibility of Professional Engineers.

Our scopes of repair relate to proximate and efficient, effective cause. Example: uplift of roofs and TAS 124 and TAS 126 inspection protocols are standard for roof claims because that’s what’s proscribed by the International Building Code.

PEC advisory board is comprised of insurance policy experts, General Contractors and Cost Estimators. Forensic Engineers investigate damage and answer questions related to causation of damages; however, knowing the right questions that require answers is pivotal to providing quality deliverable. Our advisory board understand insurance policies so we are conscious of mold limits or limits on code compliance and increased costs of construction and these costs are segregated in opinions and estimates.

We only employ personnel experienced in construction and engineering to produce comprehensive and accurate scopes of repair and estimates. And, our staff are not paid by commission – they are paid for their expertise.

Our field staff are equipped with moisture meters, laser measures, infrared thermal imaging cameras, drones,uplift testing equipment, drawing software, and any other necessary equipment to effectively assess and document damages.

Our field staff and any expert staff are properly licensed and qualified in the local market. We produce bilingual reports and employ bilingual staff with local experience who are able to testify about building codes and costs.

You have claims. We have solutions.

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