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From law firms and property management companies to state and local governments, PEC is dedicated to supporting the successful resolution of catastrophe insurance claims.

Solutions for the most challenging claims or loss control needs

Leveraging its knowledge of how claims are managed and evaluated at the plaintiffs’ level, the PEC team has developed a successful and proven suite of consulting services.

Engineering & Expert Services

PEC employs engineering expertise on cause and origin, structural failure analysis, roofing damages, foundation or settlement issues, as well as interior moisture damage assessments. We believe when the experts we employ are both recognized in their fields and directed in their goals, the best results are achieved.

Solutions for the most challenging claims or loss control needs

Leveraging its knowledge of how claims are managed and evaluated at the defense or plaintiffs’ level, the PEC team has developed an understanding of how both sides handle property losses. This makes PEC uniquely qualified to render an independent and objective opinion on causation of simple residential or complex multi-million-dollar claims. Our deliverables have been the basis of a number of complex multi-million-dollar claims.

Property Services

PEC offers expert engineering damage evaluation services backed by in-depth insurance and litigation knowledge. The right answers to the right questions involving each specific claim.

PEC Services

PEC engineers are experts at establishing cause and origin of damages – an important factor in deciding whether a claim should proceed to be reported and whether the damages result from maintenance or construction related issues. The cause, origin and duration of the damage is vital to the determination of coverage on any specific claim.

Generally, wind uplift forces develop when elevated winds blow across a roof creating both positive and negative (uplift) forces from the redirection of the airflow. Since the flow of air cannot negotiate sharp discontinuities in building surfaces, such as wall corners and roof eaves and ridges, higher wind forces are typically experienced at these locations during a strong wind event. PEC engineers understand wind design, strength of materials and claddings and are able to look for evidence and damage patterns that are consistent with wind damage.

Having performed thousands of roof damage assessments to commercial (modified bitumen, TPO, Ballasted) and residential roofs (tile, shingle or metal), PEC engineers have developed a keen eye for spotting various types of roof damage, damage patterns and locations and rendering opinions on the cause and extent of damages. Establishing the cause of damage and extent of such damage are important in determining required repairs per applicable building codes.

Flood damage to structures is narrowly defined by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as damage resulting from Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces or scoured and eroded foundation soils. Many site specific factors must be considered in flood damage assessments in evaluating flood damage and PEC has extensive experience in assessing damages to structures that fall under a covered flood damage category.

Having performed thousands of Hurricane Damage Assessments and Flood Damage Assessments, PEC expert engineers are uniquely qualified to differentiate between the effects of high velocity winds on structures and storm surge or flood damage.

Based on the scope of work provided by our engineer’s cause and origin analysis, PEC can develop “Independent Engineer’s Repair Estimates” for our clients. This is a valuable tool in resolving disputes when the plaintiff and defense estimates are far apart and can often be the most credible basis of settlement. Our experts use industry-leading technology and tools to properly estimate covered damages, adhering to engineering and construction industry protocols for restoration and application of building codes.

PEC has substantial experience in performing moisture damage assessments, foundation damage assessments, construction defect evaluations for many of the major insurers in Florida.

With significant experience providing expert witness testimony on causation and structural damages, we’re always prepared to support investigations and estimates with expert reports. Our portfolio of Expert Testimony includes a balance of both the plaintiff and defense cases to continuously qualify us as unbiased and objective experts within the field.

Take advantage of our expertise throughout the lifecycle of a claim

Our clients have requested our services as early as before claims are filed to pre-litigation and litigation support phases. In pre-litigation and litigation cases, our clients have relied on us to review relevant case documentation and render critiques and opinions on the merits of documentation as well as our own assessment of the loss. This suite of services provides our clients with the most comprehensive documentation substantiating their case.

Detailed Site Inspection

PEC performs detailed site inspections, documenting all types and locations of damage. Documenting the type, location and approximate duration of deficiencies/damages to a structure is an important part of forming the basis of a cause and origin investigation. PEC will spend the time to gather the information needed as the basis of a definitive opinion as to the Cause and Origin of the damage

Documentation Review

Reviewing relevant documentation related to a specific claim is important to formulate sound opinions related to the cause of the damage and whether it is attributable to a specific peril.

Engineering Evaluation

Based on data gathered during the site inspection, review of available relevant documentation as well as weather data, building codes and other publications, PEC performs an engineering evaluation of the property, causes of the damage and appropriate repairs.

Definitive Answers

PEC provides definitive answers within a reasonable engineering certainty. Our opinions are carefully considered based on the data available, engineering principles and our extensive experience.

Quality Deliverables

All PEC deliverables undergo internal peer review and multiple levels of QA to ensure that our technical reports hold up to well during the scrutiny of depositions and in court.

Expert Witness Testimony

PEC hires and grooms Professional Engineers (PEs) to be well prepared for depositions and expert witness testimony. Detailed field inspections, application of sound engineering principles, sound technical writing along with good communication skills are key aspects of strong expert witness testimony.

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